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Shares from some of our Artists
who have painted with Shiloh Sophia

This painting represents my own personal WONDERLAND and to find it, I followed my cosmic map as a star traveler.... led so eloquently and skilfully by our Maestra, Shiloh Sophia (and I am sure also in the presence of Sue Hoya -Sellars).

This year my focus word was "Pellucid" and what I have learnt is that my consciousness IS a mode of travel that transcends the limits of matter and time. The GIFT of being shown HOW to be an Observer, of ALLOWING and CURATING my own information, culture, my own mark, my own CODEX led me to also launch an online class.

As I reached for the stars, every month on this journey, my feet have landed squarely on the ground with where I am meant to be, my place of connection, my place of place to celebrate the WILD RUMPUS of my cosmic portrait of SELF!

I received such CLARITY of WHO I actually am, WHAT it is that I am going after, and what the FRAMEWORKS are around my thinking and patterns of consciousness...

I am forever grateful for the "divine spark" that is INTENTIONAL CREATIVITY and to be able to reveal my own unique codes and wisdom that I have distilled through this truly MAGICAL PROCESS called CODEX!

If you look up to the cosmic sky, you will see me, riding a shooting star - as I now go through the next portal into the next adventure of my life! Codex Painting: Cosmic Portrait of SELF

~ Tania Michelle Magennis: Cosmic Portrait of Self

Moving a big brush full of paint. Letting dark go deep. Allowing the light to shine through the cracks. Declaring space for worlds to emerge.

I didn’t know this kind of visceral deep satisfaction in my whole body before I became an artist. Nothing I’ve ever done comes close to this. I know ecstasy from dancing and sex, yet this is different. It’s so new and unknown that I lack the right words... It’s transformative while simple. Astounding and natural.

~ Sylvia Becker-Hill: ARTIFACT painting in process

I was amazed at how this Codex process revealed a new way to understand the components of what I am about. To find a symbol language that defines my life journey, my gifts and my tools of self-expression. I am so grateful to Shiloh, Jena and the awesome support team!  

~Juniper Mainelis: The Clockmaker’s Daughter 

I am in awe of what emerged throughout this Apothecary course. Lots of emotions from past tragedies turned my painting dark a few times, but I had faith in the process of bringing in the darks and then adding more lights and stars, and I love where it led. Thank you again, Shiloh and Jonathan, for this extraordinarily powerful class. I wasn’t expecting to experience as much as I did, though I can’t say that I’m surprised. Really deep feelings of panic that I’ve suppressed for decades came to light and found their way into my Apothecary remedies, now joyfully bursting forth to be shared with the world. I truly cannot thank you enough for the beauty you have helped me create here in my Apothecary of Compassionate Co-Creation.

~Sherry Rueger Banaka (aka Sherry Sharon)

Legend was as big and powerful as I wanted and needed. She who knows, told me the truth and is out for all to see. Now I know I can take the wisdom I have learned, hang up my lantern, go out on a limb, be light and make my own path.

~ Darlene Cook : She who knows

The bottom line is, CODEX freed me to trust my own heart, and that I have something unique which is worth sharing with those who are ready to receive it. Shiloh and Jena framed experiences which were clear and easy to follow, but really forced us to look within to see who and what we are.  

~ Sharon Handy Codex Painting: Midwife to my Future

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