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Message from Maestra Shiloh Sophia

Dear One,

I will tell you my own experience. My soul is as awake and alive as it is able to be at this time in my life. Does that mean I am fully awakened or have reached some elevated status? Far from it.

Yet I am as awake as I CAN BE because I have been practicing this ONE THING since I was 25 years old. A 25-year practice I have engaged in every single day to reveal gnosis (knowledge of spiritual mysteries) within myself. I have been focusing on it intentionally and intensely, finding great pleasure and joy in doing so!

I have had a singular focus on ending violence against women through this art form for 25 years. When I discovered that the biggest thing we have influence over was the violence within ourselves as our access to ending violence against another, I knew I was onto something. Then I began to see how when we cease the violence and self-imposed shaming of ourselves, we are able to choose a less violent world for ourselves and our children. We are able to be informed in new ways, altering how we make our choices.

As women and mothers, we give birth to the future. The future needs awakened women. Your Present awaits this awakening. 

Thank you for considering joining me for this experience. This ONE THING changes everything as it connects us with the source of our deepest, truest knowing. CREATIVITY is the HOW. Creativity is not just for artists, it is inherent in all human beings, often waiting to be revealed when we finally choose to put in the work. This one thing is a part of my thread that connects with so many other aspects of healing. It was also recently revealed to me that ANOTHER part of my thread is identifying false systems. I have known this but perhaps didn't claim it on my thread the way I am now. Thankfully this awareness lights the fire of transformation within me and catalyzes me to work on what matters and to bring this to you.

We have worked with tens of thousands of students. I have honed my craft, and one of the most significant aspects of my craft is calling YOUR CONTENT forward through this work to catalyze you in healing. Creativity serves as the pathway to a direct knowing of your own material and consciousness. It is a place of incredible power - a place in which we can find deep insight and awareness that will help to set ourselves free from false systems.

Our creative lineage has prepared me and our community to bring forward Medicine Painting and Metacognitive Illustration - an ancient practice found throughout many cultures across the globe that we are modernizing and offering in-person and online at this time.

Intentionally creating as a pathway to healing and accessing insight has been practiced throughout the world for time immemorial, across all cultures. I am an artist who has studied the impacts of creativity as a transformational catalyst and sought to develop what I discovered in the teachings called Intentional Creativity. The way I practice has been passed down to me from two generations, and now we have passed it down to the fourth generation with many children in our community being raised in a creative home with these practices.

Intentional Creativity is not just for those who paint or think of themselves as artists. This is a gift and access point for ALL. Creativity and its resulting artifact - an ART piece - may be our most significant and ancient common thread. In my view, it is one of the most accessible tools for self-awakening that leads to collective awakening.

My stand is clear: I believe that each one of us is creative and has the power to bring a certain level of healing to ourselves. How to get access to that healing potential is often elusive unless one is practiced in the arts of energy. Medicine painting is a somatic approach that engages us on the levels of movement, choice, intention, connection, symbol, and quantum mysticism.

Let's do it together, awakening ourselves at the deepest soul level possible.

Here is one of my paintings in process.

Opening or Closing Blessing

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