Musea is One of the Largest and
Well Established Art Movements on the Planet.

We are the curators of consciousness, using a methodology called Intentional Creativity® which is making with mindfulness in any medium. Painting. Music. Language. Cuisine. Culture. Poetry. Theater. Pottery. Drawing. Sculpting. Dance. All mediums, when made with sacred intent, tell a story. 

Our Intentional Creativity® Movement has roots going back close to 100 years and invites participants to step into the role of Artist. We do this through hosting in-person and online courses, curating artists and exhibits, offering certifications in our Intentional Creativity® methodology, and hosting circles to help connect and unite women across the globe.

There are currently close to 500 Intentional Creativity® Teachers, Coaches, and Guides worldwide. We see this map as lighting up the world, empowering more people to claim their self-expression and live a life more aligned with who they are through the power of Intentional Creativity.

The reach of our work is far beyond our knowing and we believe will be carried into the millennia with teachers, both present and future. They will bring Intentional Creativity into their homes, schools, wellness, and mental health centers, and prison systems. Our methodology can be used any place awakening consciousness through creativity is possible to lift up others and bring healing to our planet.

Gatherings at MUSEA Sonoma

Paintings by Shiloh Sophia

Here is an Overview of our Global Reach
and Impact Through Serving Women with Intentional Creativity®


Certified LEADERS EDUCATED in Intentional Creativity®


COMMUNITY Subscribers & Members in 8 countries


Between 100-15,000 STUDENTS SERVED PER MONTH with Intentional Creativity® workshops


Scholarships given to students in 2020


JOBS brought annually to our the Guild with a focus on women working from home


COLLECTIVE Reach of our Intentional Creativity® Guild Members who are sharing this work with others. 


Members in our iMusea Community App


We are 25 years into our 100 year plan for our community. 


Members in our free online community supporting connection


Hundreds of Red Thread Circles happening in person and online each year. 


Women who are gradutes of our progams joined us in our Musea Team in 2020


Community Calls over the past 16 years

See for Yourself What this Global Movement is All About!

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