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A Ceremony of Liberation

Guided by Intentional Creativity Founder and Musea Curator

Teacher and Chef Jonathan McCloud

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MUSEA : Intentional Creativity Museum
Valley of the Moon in Sonoma, California

February 2022

An Exploration of Metacognitive Illustration and Medicine Painting for the further development of your Clairconsciousness

Come in person to the museum for a very special gathering with Shiloh Sophia. Gather under the Redwood trees, in a space made for Intentional Creativity. Come to our living museum. Enjoy nourishing feasts together, curated by Jonathan with our flowing Musette wine. Hear and see illustrated talks from Jonathan and Shiloh and participate with your ideas. Create a portfolio that will serve as a record of your experience of liberation and shaping your own consciousness. Learn how to illustrate your ideas and experiences with earth pigment watercolor and ink with a metacognitive illustration.

What if there is an original soul-self that has always existed, whole and intact?
What if no matter what has happened to you, this part of you has been keeping track, evolving along with you, and contains the healing you need? What if through Intentional Creativity and ongoing practice you could contact the source of this innate being and begin to live from this new awakening, practicing first this relationship in your interior life and then in your relationships with others? To gain access to our source self, we will visit eight frameworks that reveal areas that keep us from being self-expressed to open the door to the Self beneath the self.

We are calling this place and part of you "a potential for Prima Materia." You are making contact with your very first matter, your formless form. The "you" before you. As the Artist Alchemist, you will illustrate dynamic ideas, imagery, and patterns. This is the ceremony. Your art will be the literal artifact of freeing yourself and your consciousness; the record of the work done.

You are your own magnum opus!

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If you come a day early, you will also be able to enjoy Sue Hoya Sellars' show on August 21st.

WE ARE OPENING after a year!
Gather in Co-Creative Ceremony

Be in person with Shiloh Sophia for the first time in a long time.....with material she has never taught in this way before in the Museum. The mediums of earth pigment watercolor and oak gall ink will delight and astonish you and bring you into a whole new way of working with the art of consciousness.

"Universum" attributed to Flammarian 1888


A Ceremony of Liberation through
Medicine Painting and Metacognitive Illustration

Develop your capacity for clairconsciousness
through line, shape, color, and inquiry

Invite the unconscious to
become conscious through image

Awakening to authentic activism
from our roots and the roots of the earth

Join in passionate and
joyful self-liberation rituals

Complete unwanted internal bonds and
Liberate unconscious default settings

Gain access to the truest voice you have
and find freedom in your own way of knowing

Connect with Shiloh Sophia and women on the
path in community

Experience nourishment through feasts
prepared fresh every day for you

Design a personal creative spiritual practice
that you'll continue to work within your life

Explore and illustrate the "science" of
Intentional Creativity

Develop your Prima Materia Portfolio,
a visual record of your transformation


We Will Illustrate a Whole New Mind


Imagine eating every day out under the Redwood trees sharing our stories and experiences, complete with naps and snacks and some sensual writing


Imagine a circle of women creatives, healers, and intuitives gathering together in Circle at MUSEA in Sonoma


Imagine learning Medicine Painting and Metacognitive Illustration as a tool you can use the rest of your life to ongoingly access your intuition


Imagine gaining access to working with your own energy moving between particle and wave for self-healing and understanding the science with and in creativity


Imagine creating 8 works on watercolor paper for your PRIMA MATERIA
PORTFOLIO, a visual documentation and record of your new way of working


Imagine a potent, playful, and passionate experience. We won't be "digging into the past" we will be forging a path forward with sensuality and joy


Develop your clairconsciousness with these 8 Frameworks so you have deep, clear, and consistent access to your gifts and inner knowings.

The Materials are particularly exciting to share with you.
Earth Pigment Watercolor + Plant-based ink and techniques for how to work with them.

The primary teaching is ACCESS to your own internal information through clairconsciousness with your internal voice which is your unique domain of PRIMA MATERIA. You will develop a creative spiritual practice that works for you every single time. You will leave with a portfolio of images that are the Artifact of your transformation. Medicine Painting doesn't require that you know how to paint. We will show you what you need to know.

Ready? Here are the details.


Registration is simple!

After reading this, simply GO HERE to register to claim your spot. Space is limited, please REGISTER ASAP!

We recommend arranging your travel and lodging as soon as you complete registration. You might also consider coming early or extending your stay to enjoy a mini-vacation to explore the beautiful wine country.

This event will be recorded, so you must agree to be a part of the recording. There are times we are not recording that are personal times. We will be appropriate. A camera person (other than Jonathan) may be present from time to time but will not be in the room. This will not be live-streamed. For the time being this is being recorded to document the material as it is being delivered for the first time.

This event is going to be beautiful, nourishing, and fun! Because you know what? Liberation is about the funnest thing going. We can’t wait to welcome you to Musea, to dance with you, paint with you, dine with you, and rock our worlds together.


Your Prima Materia Portfolio will include all of your images. You will custom design a palette (no tube colors) for working that will be consistent across the work. No one else will have the pallette you do.

From a technique perspective, we will be doing many ink illustrations, followed by coloring with earth pigment watercolors. Earth pigment watercolors are generally less saturated than ink, making a softer look. We will be working also with walnut ink to create a sepia tone.

Shiloh and Prima Materia Students show their portfolios - August 2021

Have you seen Hilma Af Klint's work before? She is one of the inspirations for Prima Materia's primary approach to illustrate consciousness, constructs, and concepts. Each of her paintings was designed to pass on a certain message that would be largely invisible to the human eye - these are not illustrations of something of reality but within the imagination. How can your paintings communicate a message from your interior and bring it to the exterior?

Hilma af Klint "The Ten Largest, No. 07, Adulthood"

Hilma af Klint "Tree of Knowledge No. 1

Hilma af Klint "Altarpiece No. 1"

Hilma Af Klint "The Key to All Works to Date"

WHY ATTEND? A Message from Shiloh Sophia

I fell in love with Hilma Af Klints work the minute I saw it. Then learning she was the first abstract impressionist but wasn't known until quite recently was even more exciting. I had the honor of going to see her work in New York when it was at the Guggenheim - and oh my goodness gracious. I was so struck by HOW she was 'illustrating' concepts so clearly - and the technique with lines and simple geometric organic shapes to communicate ideas. Then there was 'how' she was receiving the information through a direct download from the divine. So much to say about her and we will talk about her.

We will be inspired by her images, as well as those of Hildegard Von Bingen and Frida Kahlo - the way they use images to communicate stories and ideas is so incredible - and we want to be able to do the same thing. So attend because you are ready for something NEW in your art.

And Because it is time to gather! And! This is the highest level of my most esoteric material I have ever taught. I don’t know what will happen! This is an experience. I can’t guarantee the outcome or what your paintings will look like or how you will feel. I have never taught it before. We will enter the unknown together and know that something magical will take place in our time together. The idea of women entering the ‘museum’ to muse on their own material and curate their consciousness through illustrating their ideas is pure delight.

Study in a museum, while making artifacts that could one day be shown in a museum with a museum curator who has been practicing for this art 25 years. See amazing things in the permanent collection of the museum you have never seen before. Just cool. 

I can almost guarantee you will feel a way you have never felt before and stretch in a way you haven’t stretched before. And that it can be blissful and surprising and delighting. That said, your paintings might not be stunning, but they may astonish you! We are in an alchemical process not doing the paintings to look a certain way but to create a condition in which the artist will access her own Prima Materia. Highly unlikely and curiouser and curiouser, but we have to try, don’t we? 

This is like Intentional Creativity on a psychedelic drug without any side effects other than increased consciousness and I hope, laughter!


I often laugh when I am doing this process, which is illustrating our consciousness and making the invisible visible. I do feel almost scared to share it but I feel more scared not to share it. Not scared about what might happen per se. Yet if I don’t feel fear, if I am not shaking in my boots then I am not at my quivering edge. I want to take you there, to the quivering edge, where you are the very edge of your known territory of being and then you DIVE in.

There is risk involved, your default settings will self-destruct and you will break your own spells with a paintbrush and cup of tea in ceremony. But.

I don't think this is going to hurt in the same way other healings have. Just keep going when you reach the edge of the unknown you will see a fork in the road. Yes, take that one. Which one? Yes, the fork is the way. Both/And BABY!

I don’t think it is going to drag you into trauma and processing like the old days of healing. Why? Because it feels SO GOOD to be in the power to self liberate. To no longer wait for someone to come and fix it or have it worked out of you. YOU are THE keeper of your own internal medicine.

As I write these words my stomach rumbles, my tears burn my eyes and the top of my head tingles. I am onto something here, but I am of course not the only one. It’s just that I have dedicated my entire life to this ‘something’ and that I want to share it with you.

I feel I am dipping into a territory that alchemists and mystics visit. When I go there/here I wonder....Hum.....wait a minute. I wonder who doesn’t want me over here ‘in this arena of consciousness and dimensionality’? As if I have entered a highly guarded secret door without the proper (patriarchal) password that shows I am initiated in the mysteries held there. 

I am going in. Come with me?

Here are some of Hildegard's images - telling stories and using sacred geometry and color to communicate concepts.

Here are a few of Frida's images, telling stories about her life experience. What would your life experiences images look like?

We have been waiting such a long time to gather. Let's make this gathering dreamy and potent together!

What Intentional Creativity Community says....

"Intentional Creativity and work like the Prima Materia reveal the "Me" that always was, is, and ever shall be before space, time and form existed. To strip away all of the layers of "Not Me" that was given to and enforced upon me by my family, race, culture, religion, and country is to meet my first Self, my true Self, my Divine Self. My "Prima Materia" is that essence that is the essence in ALL beings and in all things which is the basis of oneness. I will release all illusions of "Other" and release the need to separate and distinguish a hierarchy that has led our world into hatred and division, chaos and destruction. When we truly see that we are no "better" than and have no more "value" than a frog, a tree, a mosquito, rock or ANOTHER person, we can then start to honor and cherish each expression of BEING as ourselves.  "Prima Materia" is our journey to setting ourselves free from the hardened, suffocating marble of preconceived, inherited beliefs and truths all around us to reveal who we truly are and have always been."

~ Anasuya Isaacs in a letter to Shiloh Sophia about the curriculum.

"When I look back and see the different stages on my canvas I see how I have grown, I feel so inspired! What a transformation within and without. If I had to choose one word to describe this experience, it would be ‘freeing’. Not only have I learned to trust my intuition and LISTEN, but I am also painting more freely..."

~ Heather Baker

"This creative experience has been such a healing force in my life! I was able to honor my connection to Mother Earth and her many gifts for healing and expansion. I also gave honor to myself and Gratitude to Source during this process for the many Cosmic Gifts I possess to help uplift the Humanity."

~ Denise Woolfolk


"Every block of stone has a statue inside it and it is the task of the sculptor to release it.... I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set it free." ~ Michelangelo